Getting divorced is probably the most difficult time in any person's life. Your financial security is on the line and your time with your own children is at stake. Most folks are in a state of emotional crisis - not the best frame of mind to deal with stakes this high. Too often, people decide to go it alone without a lawyer. We rarely see a person representing him or herself get a good result in a divorce.

The single most important thing to do is get a quality lawyer. The single worse thing you can do is get a bad one. This is the real tough choice. How can you tell difference? In family law, the best lawyer is one who will fight for you when necessary, will avoid a fight when possible, and has the sense to know the difference.

Amy is that lawyer. When a fight is called for, she will outwork and outfight her opponents, but she will also give you the wise advice you need to resolve your differences. Family law, more so than any other legal specialty, requires good sense and good judgment. That's where Amy is peerless. Divorce is hard, but if you hire Amy, you'll at least know that when it's over, you achieved the best possible result.